Dec 26

Marilyn Monroe 50 Years Later … with Permanent Lip Makeup

New York, NY (PRWEB) August 02, 2012

Marilyn Monroes lips are sealed in history. This is not referring to the validation of any still debated death conspiracy, alleged affairs with JFK and others, or the newly resurfacing question, Was Marilyn Monroe a lesbian? Marilyn Monroes lips are sealed as part of history 50 years after her passing because she was a pioneer by creating her groundbreaking sexy and spectacular look for them.

Marilyn Monroe has been gone 50 years, and Ive been doing permanent makeup half that time, admits Sally Hayes. Marilyns name is still the one most mentioned by women who come to me wanting permanent lip makeup so their lips can look more like hers.

Monroe remains an icon today for her impact on beauty, style, fashion, and cosmetics, as much as for her roles in 30 films as an actress. She is credited for inventing the concept of lip gloss and paving the way for the popular product widely used today. Because she worked so much on adding sex appeal to her image, appearance, and personal brand, she popularized the provocative, wet-lips look. Various Marilyn Monroe biographies report she developed her own unique system of applying a formula of multiple shades and layers of lipstick, petroleum jelly, and even beeswax to create the effect of her attention-getting lips.

I tell women all the time they have it so much easier than Marilyn Monroe, says Hayes, who has done tens of thousands of permanent makeup procedures enhancing the appearance of lips, eyebrows, and eyeliner with natural-looking results. With properly applied permanent lip makeup, there is no embarrassing smudging, smearing, or rubbing off. I simply cant imagine how much time, effort, and worry Marilyn Monroe put in every single day to perfecting her amazing looking lips especially since she was in the spotlight everywhere she went.